Are you a Vixen? What is your lingerie personality?


Let’s face it. How we dress can affect how we are viewed and how we present ourselves to the world. I am always droning on about my belief that it all starts with how we feel about ourselves, followed by what we choose to put on underneath the shell. This led me to thinking about one of my favorite blogs and their lingerie personality quiz Just as we have different personalities outwardly, we have different lingerie personalities. We express ourselves, like art, using these details to convey something, whether or not someone else has the pleasure of actually seeing the knickers or not!

We want you to take their quiz! Figure it out! THEN…..write in and tell us what your lingerie personality is AND visit and tell us what you’d pick to express that personality. One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card to apply toward their lingerie personality selection!

11 thoughts on “Are you a Vixen? What is your lingerie personality?

  1. Donna Rosen

    OK….I would definitely choose the Carol Malony “All tied up” bra and thong. It’s a little more vixen than flirt, but I LOVE it!!! I also have always wanted the Lanvit halter bra – been eyeing it for about 4 years…think it may be time.

  2. Roxanne Golnar (@roxannemfg)

    I am the Sophisticate – Betsey Johnson Zipper Stripe Bra & Thong – classic retro beauty… with pearls

  3. And I’m an Olympian…does that make me sort of practical? Hard working? Skilled? I’d like to say I’d choose something wild and crazy, but I’m also honest…I’d pick the On Gossamer sheer-whatever or the Cosabella hot pink number! Thanks for the fun, Deb…

  4. NSFW

    I took this on behalf of my girlfriend, which I think is fair since I am generally the one that buys most of the lingerie/underwear🙂.

    Anyway, she was the lingerie flirt, and I’d use the $25 towards another Betsey Johnson set (I got her one earlier and we both seem to like it) and another Blush Confessions bra, she got this a few weeks ago and is quickly becoming a favorite.

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